About NAH Sports Flooring

Niggel Associates of Houston, Inc. was incorporated in May, 1977, with Robert Hays as President. The company specialized in sports flooring and epoxy flooring.

Steve Amann started with Niggel Associates in 1980 as a field employee, was promoted to sales and eventually purchased the company in October, 1986. At that time the name was changed to N.A.H., Inc. He expanded the Robbins, Inc. sports flooring line in Texas and the Crossfield Products Corp. epoxy line, completing large projects for professional sports, universities, schools, research centers, hospitals and professional sports players. Upon the sudden death of Steve Amann in April, 2013, the company continued in business until it was sold. In October, 2013. Covington Flooring Co., Inc. of Birmingham, Alabama purchased the company with the blessing of Robbins, Inc.The name was changed to NAH Sports Flooring, LLC.

With the combined effort of both companies working together, Covington and NAH look forward to continuing and becoming the largest flooring companies in the U.S.

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