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All-Star ™ Portable Basketball Floors

NBA arena operators can choose any floor in the world. They choose Robbins All-Star portable basketball floors more than any other. Designed to meet the needs of any arena or civic center, the All-Star portable basketball floor will provide years of consistent performance. Robbins All-Star portables can be found in top arenas such as Conseco Fieldhouse, Amway Center and the Staples Center. The All-Star portable is designed to withstand the rigors of frequent changeovers that would damage lesser floors. The All-Star is available with many options to meet the needs of the most demanding facility manager. All Robbins portables are available sanded, painted, and finished to our high standards using computer aided graphics and design.

Unique optional features of All-Star portables include the Zip option that allows two crews to work simultaneously during set-up or take down. This is a favorite feature in facilities where time is critical during changeovers. Also available is our All-Star Plus option which adds our Bio-Pad and Bio-Guard protective housing to the underside of the panels. The All-Star Plus is the choice of the NBA and top NCAA programs where athlete safety, comfort and performance are top priorities. Contact our portables staff and let us help you design the portable floor to meet the needs of your facility.

All-Star Portables are not just for arena use. Contact Robbins and let us develop a custom solution for your private basketball or volleyball facility. Portable floors are also a great solution for leased facilities or multi-configuration spaces where permanent floors are not an option.

Standard Dimensions:

  • 112′ X 60′ (34.14m X 18.29m)
  • 120′ X 60′ (36.59m X 18.29m)
  • 112′ X 64′ (34.14m X 19.51m) for international competition
  • Custom Dimensions Available


  • 2 ¾” (69.9mm) with 25/32″ maple
  • 3 ½” (88.9mm) with resilient package and 25/32″ maple

Available Options:

  • All-Star Plus – resilient package for best athletic performance
  • ZIP configuration for faster changeovers
  • Boston Square ® Pattern
  • FSC ® Certified Maple


  • Ramps – ADA and non-ADA
  • Storage carts
  • Spare parts and set-up tools

Other Products and Services:

  • Refurbishment Services – update your graphics and repair damaged components
  • Used tournament floors and rental floors

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