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Omnisports Vinyl Sports Flooring

Omnisports vinyl flooring is quickly becoming one of the most popular gym floors in North America. Its performance characteristics make it ideally suited as basketball flooring, volleyball flooring, martial arts flooring, yoga flooring, and many other applications. The versatility of Omnisports even extends beyond sport activities; it can easily accommodate tables, chairs, or desks for conferences and assemblies. This makes Omnisports the perfect gym floor for K-12 schools, colleges, universities, and community centers, where any of these sports or events might occur on any given day. Omnisports 6.5mm and 8.3mm can now be installed utilizing our 98% adhesive free GreenLay™ system. This installation method increases moisture tolerance, reduces the cost associated with moisture barriers, and ultimately reduces installation time.

Omnisports is a heterogeneous vinyl sports floor, meaning that it consists of multiple layers. In the case of Omnisports, each layer or coating has unique function. When these layers are combined using the virtually tension free Tarkett vinyl manufacturing process, the result is the ideal multi-use sports floor.

Omnisports 5.0

Omnisports 6.5

Omnisports 8.3


EcoPure Linoleum Sports Flooring

Tarkett Sports’ EcoPure linoleum is landmark achievement in sports flooring, bringing an all-natural, sustainable surface to school gymnasiums, recreation areas, and multipurpose rooms. This Cradle to Cradle┬« Silver certified floor can withstand extreme abrasion, never needs waxing, and is naturally resistant to bacteria. With EcoPure, there is no compromise between environmental responsibility and the practical benefits a Tarkett linoleum gym floor.


Linoleum flooring has been around for over 100 years, but Tarkett Sports has rejuvenated this classic floor with innovations like the XF Finish, which eliminates waxing and increases abrasion resistance. Also, EcoPure 4.6 incorporates a foam backing, making it a category 1 shock absorbing floor (ASTM F2772). Thanks to Tarkett’s innovations with EcoPure sport flooring, linoleum is back and ready to play!

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Tapiflex is a 3.35 mm embossed sheet vinyl flooring intended for areas where light recreational activities are common, but no significant shock absorption is necessary. These areas might include multi-use rooms, multi-use cafeterias, or physical therapy/ rehabilitation rooms. The embossed texture of Tapiflex offers an optimal level of surface friction for safety. It also resists abrasion as well as scuffing, soiling, and staining. Tapiflex is 100% recyclable and contains 26% recycled materials.


1. Embossed Surface Texture: The embossed surface of Tapiflex provides a degree traction and slip resistance that is suitable for light recreational activity.

2. Non-Woven Fiberglass Reinforcement: Tapiflex incorporates a non-woven fiberglass layer which provides excellent dimensional stability.

3. TopClean XP™ Surface Treatment: Tapiflex is treated with Tarkett Sports’ TopClean XP™ surface treatment, which significantly reduces costs associated with maintenance.



GreenLay™ is a unique installation method that is exclusive to Omnisports 6.5mm and 8.3mm. It reduces adhesive by 98%, increases moisture tolerance up to 15 lbs. or 92% relative humidity, and saves costs compared to using a moisture barrier. With less adhesive, GreenLay™ is also easier to remove and recycle at the end of its long life. There are currently 8 million square feet installed worldwide with over 1 million square feet installed in North America during 2011. GreenLay™ has revolutionized sports flooring installations to become the new standard for performance and environmental responsibility.

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